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January 13th - 16th 2023

vintage stores

 Find the rubber duckies in participating vintage stores
and be entered to win.



Step 2. Find a rubber duckie in a participating vintage store and take a picture of you holding it. 

Step 3. Tag the store you are in and post to Instagram. Find their name on the list, Click and it will take you to their Instagram page. Tag the store you are in and post to I

Step 4. DM the picture to @vintagearoundtownguide so we can keep score. 

Go to 10 stores to get 1 entry


Step 1.  Go to Side Kitsch Vintage, 6535 N Lamar Blvd, and get you wrist band. this gives you 10% off all vintage stores that are participating.


If you get all the stores you get 2 entries.

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